Silicone Fix It Tape - Save Money with Silicone Fix It Tape! Fix It Tape 6 Pack - Paypal Fix It Tape 6 Pack - Amazon
icon-bandage Order Now and Get it Fast! It ships almost as fast as it fuses! For only $20, you get 6 rolls of Premium Self-Fusing Silicone Fix It Tape, all within 5 business days with FREE SHIPPING and our Quick-Ship Guarantee! Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!
- Radiator hose repairs

- Fix Leaky Sink Drains

- Garden Hose Leaks

- Make non-slip handles

- Label Metric/SAE Tools

- Sporting Non-Slip Grips

- Electrical Insulation

- Repair Appliance Cords

- Outdoor Lighting


Silicone FixIt Tape! Its Mighty! Its Strong! Used by the military for decades, this mighty strong tape will get you patched up and out of an emergency!

Silicone FixIt Tape repairs almost anything! Leaky pipes, sink drains, electric cords, extensions, christmas lights, garden hoses, vacuum hoses, pressure washer hoses, radiator hoses, water lines, air lines, electrical connections and much, much more! FixIt Tape is mighty strong!

Silicone Fix It Tape can be used for emergency hose repair, pipe repairs, or for use around the house!
FixIt Tape is the ideal solution for nearly any repair! For domestic use, electrical repairs, marine repairs, industrial repairs, automotive repairs, military use and even aeronautical repairs!

FixIt Tape is also mighty flexible! It stretches over 3 times its length! The more you stretch it, the faster and stronger it fuses!

Silicone FixIt Tape also resists many substances, including fuels, oils, acids, cleaners and sunlight! Its extreme temperature resistance means you can use it in hot engine bays, near exhaust tubing, near stoves, nearly anywhere where heat poses a problem!